The effects of caffeine on sexual desire

For most of the world, the waking up to the smell of coffee is a heavenly experience.  For many men and women, a cup of coffee is what makes or breaks a day! A single cup of coffee boosts your metabolic rate and increases blood pressure, heart rate, and adrenaline levels. A great way to begin the day, right? How about a great way to start an evening of free sex? The stimulate that you need to complete your epic couple’s porn goals? Caffeine could very well be the boost you need to make epic 3movs type sexual experiences.

What if I told you that when sexuality is concerned, a single cup of coffee or caffeine-containing beverage may give you more energy and stamina for sexual activity? That a cup of caffeine can enhance your performance and overall enjoyment from sex. Research shows athletes who drink three or four cups of coffee can outlast competitors by up to 20 minutes.


The benefits for men are clear that added caffeine intake positively correlates to an increase in blood flow to the genitals. New studies show that erectile dysfunction decreases with caffeine intake. Researchers found that guys over the age of 20 who consumed the caffeine are less often to report ED issues, compared to ones who abstained from caffeine. Good news for those late-night coffee drinkers with couples porn goals!

Caffeine has properties similar to ED rugs like the little blue pill, Viagra. The stimulant triggers a series of effects that cause the arteries in your penis to relax and your blood flow to increase—both keys to a rock-hard erection and doing it all night long! Free sex in a cup of coffee!

Caffeine used during exercise has a surprising effect on testosterone levels. Testosterone boosts muscles, helps the growth of facial hair and penile development. To avoid substances that may decrease testosterone, some athletes and bodybuilders shun caffeine, but it appears that caffeine may increase testosterone!


The benefits are even more evident when it comes to caffeine intake and the woman body. Just one grande latte from Starbucks has shown to help women achieve orgasm faster! A win for women who want that epic couple’s porn sex!

The study performed on rats found that females who ingested caffeine were more likely to seek out males for a subsequent mating session after being put through a mating test. Ras and humans are different and further research is necessary to discover the components and the process that caffeine has on the human libido.

Researchers at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, have discovered that caffeine consumption can positively increase sexual desire. Additionally, iced coffee was found to be more effective at boosting libido. Consuming iced coffee was also linked to achieving orgasm quicker. Gab your women an Iced coffee from Starbucks and let the sparks fly!


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Further research

The key question that researchers want to answer is whether or not caffeine facilitates sexual arousal in women, without the in the presence of an erotic stimulus, like 3movs. Caffeine’s impact on the human sexual response cycle has yet to be studied in the field.  Further study will determine if caffeine truly has an impact on arousal.

Ladies and Gentlemen, before you hit the bed to engage in some free sex, turn on the pot of coffee and take a moment to sip some java. Sit back relax, put on some 3movs entertainment!  Experience the boost that can increase your libido with caffeine.