Australians are a nation that demands unique, memorable coffee. When an Aussie walks into a café, they expect the barista to be able to tell them where the coffee was grown, who made it, and even its subtype.

The best Australian coffees are the flat white, the magic, and the long macchiato.

Flat White

Flat white consists of espresso with a fine layer of velvety foam on top. This foam is steamed milk with tiny bubbles. Flat white has less foam and a smaller volume than espresso, therefore allowing the espresso to dominate the flavor because it has a higher proportion of coffee to milk.

Usually, flat white is served in a glass in Australia, just like most coffees. You would froth the milk the same way as for a latte, but you’d limit it to around an inch of microfoam.

Always let the drink sit before consuming to enhance the experience as the foam thickens and adds texture, which will result in distinct tide marks as the beverage is drunk.


Magic coffee is steamed milk poured over a double restricted espresso or “ristretto” and served in a smaller glass, thereby providing an optimal coffee to milk ratio. In case you were wondering, a ristretto is limited to the first half of a coffee shot, making it purer.

Long Macchiato

Long macchiato is made with a coffee capsule. You need to extract around 100 ml, then sip it right into the glass. After that, you add a bit of or a lot of sweetened condensed milk (depending on your preference).

You complete the process by adding two or three tablespoons of milk froth on top, which are made using a coffee machine or a milk frother.

There you are – the best coffees in Australia. Of course, available outside AU as well. Take a chance and try at least one!