There are literally millions of things you can try with coffee, to the delight of fans of this rousing and energizing beverage. You don’t need to restrict yourself to one espresso in the morning. And you shouldn’t, because java is a lot more versatile than that.

Try it Iced

Espresso on the rocks can be sumptuous. Interestingly, a lot of cafes have banned this because some people use the order to get an iced latte at the condiment bar. It’s even better if it’s served with slushy ice or one single, giant cube of ice.

In summer, iced coffee is particularly enjoyable. Do be careful with it though, don’t overindulge and avoid in extremely hot weather.

Try it with a Waffle

Put a chocolate or caramel waffle on your coffee mug and let the good stuff just seep in, and enjoy.

Cup it

To cup coffee means to slurp it or consume it using a spoon. Why would you want to do a thing like that? For the experience, of course. The smell of coffee will surprise you when taken this way. It’s also a great means of detecting subtle differences in coffee varieties.

Visit a REAL coffee bar in Amsterdam

We don’t mean a coffee shop with the old and tired weed. Quite a few excellent coffee bars have sprung up all around the city, so don’t be afraid to get high on caffeine (or anything else. We have nothing against weed or any other stuff).

Add coffee beans to brownies

Add a bit of grounded coffee to your brownie mixture and bake as usual. Chocolate and coffee is a tried-and-true combo.

On a final note, did you know coffee can repel insects? Just sprinkle some grounded coffee in places you want to clear of pests. You can rub it on yourself too.