What Do Successful Explainer Videos have in Common?

Sometimes, what many startups are lacking for their businesses to excel just like their established counterparts is a mere thing like explainer videos. The benefits of these videos that describe a company’s product and services can’t be stressed more. Sometimes, maybe your e-commerce store needs just one of this to start raking profits in six digits.  Well, it is a secret that your neighbors (established) businesses hold dear and won’t tell you unless they want to break-even their profits with you. But like a good neighbor, I will enlighten you on the best practices used by million dollar raking companies that you ought to try. An explainer video is just like a Hollywood film which has a perfect script. A script is a vital part of an ideal video for websites. Here I will spill the secret employed by these businesses when jotting down their killer scripts.

1.    An Introduction

Every successful script for a business explainer video must have an introduction- it should introduce the company to its audience. It is only fair to have your viewers know who they are watching and what your business does. Be sure to grasp their attention and interest with a fun introduction that is sure to keep them on the edge of their seats. This should be coupled with a bit of your company’s overall personality.

2.    Have the problem stated

Do not forget to tell your visitors what your company’s services or product address. Let the script appeal to your viewers that you are privy to their problems and that only your products or services are the only thing they need to be off the hook. Tell them that you are alive to their hardships and that this is now a thing of the past with your products.

3.    They have a compelling tone

If your clients feel that you have them in mind, they will trust the solution you are offering. In your script, remember who your customers are, their age bracket, where they come from and their background. With this in mind, you will be sure to have the right tone for the explainer video. Further, this will aid you in finding a suitable narrator or cast for the whole script.

4.    They have a call to action

Be clear on what you want your audience to do once they finish watching the video. But before this, summarize the problem and the solution you are offering. Tell them that with your product and services, they will start ripping the benefits right away. Paramount, the call to action needs to be clear and precise so that they do not think twice before doing what you need them to do at the end of your video.

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