Why Every Startup Needs an Explainer Video

Starting a business is a huge achievement. It means you are done with procrastination and are ready to start hitting the road to making profits and self-sustainability. While these days most people dream of starting their business online, two things that come in mind is how they will market the business and attract prospective clients daily, and also how effective they will explain to their clients how exactly they can be of help to the client. Explainer videos are ideal for serving this purpose in a cost-effective way. Today, most entrepreneurs use them in their e-commerce sites, so if you have not yet tried it, you are missing out big-time. If you are starting up on your online business, then here are the reasons why your startup needs to embrace explainer videos.

1.    They help boost conversion

A Video Rascal research shows that 85% of all buyers are more comfortable buying a product which has an accompanying explanatory video. These videos enable the business person to know how many visitors check into their sites and how many of them could become potential clients. Other than that, they also keep check of popular products and services that clients and customers are interested in, as they display the number of clients who watched a product video.

2.    Videos clarify what a product’s objectives are

While a website text can also serve the purpose of communicating to your customers what the product’s objectives are, they can at times be interpreted differently by various clients. The benefit of explainer videos is that they water down your client’s guesses and conveys only the exact message the products are intended for. This aspect, therefore, gives them an edge over written content, as clients can not only see but also hear the explanation. It is through these videos that the entrepreneur better connects with their potential clients since the videos explain what the business can help the client, and explain why they should shift their focus from your competitors and stick to your services.

3.    They help in search engine ranking

Search engines are good for website exposure since it is here where clients come to search for products and services. If yours is stale, with endless pages full of text, it’s evident that it will rank poorly and customers won’t even find it. This means less trust in your products, less or no traffic, and a drop in sales. Since explainer videos get attention fast, it is easier for them to help your site rank well with the number of views they get.

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