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Making a high-quality, fun, and educational video is a real challenge! Here are top explainer videos examples to inspire you!

So, you have finally decided to make your own explainer video. Well, that’s great! Now is the hard part – coming up with a great idea and concept for your video. If this is your first time making an explainer video, you will realize that this is not an easy project, especially if you want your video to look professional. Making a high-quality, fun, and educational video is a real challenge.

The explainer videos can be animated or live-action, they are fast-paced, feature a professional and appropriate voiceover, and are always to-the-point.

The purpose of an explainer video is to explain something, for example, your brand, your new product, how to use the product, your service, your new idea, and etc. It is like an ad, but it summarizes your entire business. The explainer videos explain who you are, what you do, what your products or services are, what the advantages are of using your products and services, and etc. You should include all of this information in one short, fun, and creative video.

You should use these videos any time you have got something that is unclear and requires explaining. Usually, the animated explainer videos are created to share a lengthy or complex idea or even an entire business. You shouldn’t create an explainer video for every single product you sell. If you want to make sure the viewers and your potential customers understand your offering you could apply an explainer video to each and every stage of the sales funnel. The first stage is the awareness stage, the second stage is interest stage, then it is the decision stage, and finally, it is the action stage.

Coming up with the right idea or concept for your video can sometimes take days if not weeks. We would like to present you best and top explainer videos examples that could inspire you and stimulate your creative juices. Let’s start:

Everything Orgo: In less than 10 seconds they explain that you don’t have to purchase something expensive to be effective. You must watch this video, it is amazing.

Biaggi: They use real people and product demonstrations and the result is quite amazing. It is direct and sometimes that is what viewers would like to see. We all want to see what we will get for our money.

Tommy John: This brand is created to eliminate stretching, bunching, riding, and other annoying and boring stuff. All of their explainer videos are lively, slick, fun, and they always use top-quality animation.

Native Union: They have done an amazing job of growing their brand over the last couple of years and all because of their high-quality and attractive explainer videos. You should definitely watch one of their videos and see what we are talking about.

Rand McNally: If your product is not consumer-focused, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create a video about it. As a matter of fact, these types of products are usually the best to explain with an animated video. If you need an interesting idea for your new video, this example is perfect for you.

Human Solution: When selling something that is complicated, a explainer video production is a must. You surely don’t want to confuse your customers with your new product, instead show them how to properly use the product and give them a motivation to make a purchase.

That’s a wrap! We hope these top explainer videos examples will inspire you and motivate you to make one great video for your business and brand!